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Dream Vacations, LLC

Are you dreaming of a “dream vacation“?  Do you dread the thought of spending 17 hours online searching all the major travel sites to find the perfect trip at the least expensive price?  Do you hate it when you find a “good deal” and you try to book it and the price is no longer available?

Dream Vacations to the Rescue!

Stephanie Homann has been the owner of Dream Vacations, LLC since January, 2007.   In 2006, she wanted to have the flexibility to set her own hours and be available to her family.  She took her passion for planning, organizing, and traveling and started her own agency!

Dream Vacations is a full service travel agency with a focus on leisure travel, but she does have a few corporate accounts.  Stephanie saves her clients money, time,  and the hassle of researching travel by using her experience and knowledge to plan and book great vacations, business trips and miscellaneous travel.

The Travel Agency that Comes to Your Door

Stephanie will go to her client’s homes, offices, or out for coffee to help them plan their vacation in the most stress free way.  She is available 24/7 to help with issues during travel and provides many extras like personalized travel documents in a wallet with luggage tags and much more!

Stephanie’s three keys to success:

1.     Treat her customers the way she would like to be treated.
2.    Be honest with all of her clients.
3.    Follow through with my all her commitments and business obligations.

You may contact Stephanie Homann via:

Email:  dreamvacations@bloomer.net
Phone:  715-568-5927
Website:  www.DreamVacationsTravel.net
RelyLocal: www.relylocal.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com
LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com
Twitter:  http://twitter.com

Dream Vacations specializes in “Making Your Vacation Dreams Come True”!

Article written by Shelly Cedarblade.  You can reach Shelly at 715-577-8745 or shellycedarblade@relylocal.com if you would like your business featured in the RelyLocal Word-of-Mouse Blog.