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Sylvan Learning Center of Eau Claire

Written by Shelly Cedarblade    shellycedarblade@relylocal.com



Just sound it out.
You’re not trying hard enough.
You know this word, you just read it.

These are the comments that were shared between my daughter Hannah and me on a daily basis before she started at Sylvan Learning Center.

In second grade Hannah was having a very difficult time in school.  She was struggling with her spelling words and reading well below average.  She was very frustrated with her inability to read.

Her teachers at school were wonderful.  They modified her curriculum and she was given extra support in the Title I program.  Unfortunately, it was not making a significant impact and she was slipping further and further behind.  The teachers kept telling me that she will catch up, but between the nightly battles and my “motherly instinct”, I knew it was imperative to get her the help she needed.

Financially, it was not an easy decision.  It was not in our budget, but when you believe in a solution you will find the money.  We decided to take money out of her college account.  We figured if she kept on struggling and doing poorly, she wouldn’t even make it to college!

We immediately saw results!

She loved going to Sylvan.  She especially loved her Sylvan teachers.  They were kind, supportive, and truly cared about helping the students succeed.  One thing that really motivated her was earning points that she could redeem at the Sylvan store.

Today, Hannah is a 5th grader and doing exceptionally well in school.  She still struggles with spelling, but she loves reading!  She devours books and has a passion for learning!

Would she have caught up without Sylvan?  I don’t know, but I am glad that I didn’t wait around to find out!

If you have a child who is struggling, I would strongly encourage you to contact Sylvan Learning Center of Eau Claire.  Not only do they provide assessments and tutoring, they provide numerous free resources!

You can contact Sylvan Learning Center at:

Phone:  715-858-1234

Email:  eauclaire@sylvancenter.org

Website:  http://tutoring.sylvanlearning.com/eauclairetutoring/index.cfm


Solomon Learning Center

By Shelly Cedarblade     shellycedarblade@relylocal.com


  • Does the thought of filling out an application or updating your resume scare you?
  • Do you dread the thought of having an interview?
  • Do you want to advance in your career?
  • Trouble keeping jobs?

Solomon Learning Center Can Help!

Solomon Learning Center opened its doors in August of 2010.  They offer employment readiness training, leadership and personal development curricula.

According to the Director of Education, Chris Hedlund, Solomon was opened to expand their employment readiness and leadership development classes to non-residents of the Hope Gospel Mission.  They wanted to make their material available to assist more people.

Solomon Learning Center gives job seekers an advantage in a competitive employment market.  They provide personalized attention, one on one, if needed, with an individual tutor.

Three Reasons Why Solomon Learning Center is Successful…they:

  1. Address the root cause, not the symptoms of an issue.
  2. Provide resources and assistance to those who want to overcome and be successful.
  3. Serve, without enabling, by giving a hand up, not a hand out.

You may contact Solomon Learning Center via:

Phone:  715-514-4291
Email:  info@solomonleariningcenter.org
Website:  http://www.solomonlearningcenter.org
RelyLocal: www.relylocal.com
Facebook:  www.facebook.com
LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com
Twitter:  http://twitter.com

Enhance your options, advance your career!