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Taste of Mo

By Shelly Cedarblade     shellycedarblade@relylocal.com

I experienced a “Taste of MO” workout today with Luke “Bru” Bruflat today.  I can honestly say I have never had so much fun working out!

Let me back up and clarify a few things.  I am a 40-year mother of two, totally out of shape, and an ex-athlete who hated working out in high school!

Prior to coming to Momentum Sport Fitness, the owner Kurt Mattison and Luke were sharing stories with me on how ex-athletes often come to work out at their facility and end up “losing their lunch” because they push themselves too hard.  I assured Kurt and Luke that this would not be me, as I was the girl in grade school who purposely tripped herself while running the mile so I wouldn’t have to finish.  Little did I know that I would have to make it up at a later date!  The point is…I don’t like to work out!

I showed up right on time for my 10:00 appointment.  I think Luke thought I was going to chicken out and not show up.  I proved him wrong.  I also proved myself wrong!

Luke moved me through a variety of exercises which challenged me, but I found myself pushing myself to achieve that last rep.  I was doing lunges, curls, and ab crunches like I was training for the Olympics…okay maybe I am exaggerating a little!

The hour just flew by!  The diverse training was great!  I was never bored and I actually enjoyed working out!  The only down fall was that I couldn’t walk for five days afterward.  Luke assured me that as I continue to train my pain will lessen.  He also said that I will even look forward and enjoy the pain!  Seriously?

Thank you Luke for going easy on me and sharing with me how things are done at Momentum! I would encourage anyone who is thinking about working out to try Momentum Sport Fitness!

For more information, call 715-955-4319, visit their website at www.momentumsport.com or at RelyLocal  www.relylocal.com.

Better yet, stop in and check out the facility.  Momentum Sport Fitness is located at 2615 London Road in Eau Claire.