Solomon Learning Center

By Shelly Cedarblade


  • Does the thought of filling out an application or updating your resume scare you?
  • Do you dread the thought of having an interview?
  • Do you want to advance in your career?
  • Trouble keeping jobs?

Solomon Learning Center Can Help!

Solomon Learning Center opened its doors in August of 2010.  They offer employment readiness training, leadership and personal development curricula.

According to the Director of Education, Chris Hedlund, Solomon was opened to expand their employment readiness and leadership development classes to non-residents of the Hope Gospel Mission.  They wanted to make their material available to assist more people.

Solomon Learning Center gives job seekers an advantage in a competitive employment market.  They provide personalized attention, one on one, if needed, with an individual tutor.

Three Reasons Why Solomon Learning Center is Successful…they:

  1. Address the root cause, not the symptoms of an issue.
  2. Provide resources and assistance to those who want to overcome and be successful.
  3. Serve, without enabling, by giving a hand up, not a hand out.

You may contact Solomon Learning Center via:

Phone:  715-514-4291

Enhance your options, advance your career!


Taste of Mo

By Shelly Cedarblade

I experienced a “Taste of MO” workout today with Luke “Bru” Bruflat today.  I can honestly say I have never had so much fun working out!

Let me back up and clarify a few things.  I am a 40-year mother of two, totally out of shape, and an ex-athlete who hated working out in high school!

Prior to coming to Momentum Sport Fitness, the owner Kurt Mattison and Luke were sharing stories with me on how ex-athletes often come to work out at their facility and end up “losing their lunch” because they push themselves too hard.  I assured Kurt and Luke that this would not be me, as I was the girl in grade school who purposely tripped herself while running the mile so I wouldn’t have to finish.  Little did I know that I would have to make it up at a later date!  The point is…I don’t like to work out!

I showed up right on time for my 10:00 appointment.  I think Luke thought I was going to chicken out and not show up.  I proved him wrong.  I also proved myself wrong!

Luke moved me through a variety of exercises which challenged me, but I found myself pushing myself to achieve that last rep.  I was doing lunges, curls, and ab crunches like I was training for the Olympics…okay maybe I am exaggerating a little!

The hour just flew by!  The diverse training was great!  I was never bored and I actually enjoyed working out!  The only down fall was that I couldn’t walk for five days afterward.  Luke assured me that as I continue to train my pain will lessen.  He also said that I will even look forward and enjoy the pain!  Seriously?

Thank you Luke for going easy on me and sharing with me how things are done at Momentum! I would encourage anyone who is thinking about working out to try Momentum Sport Fitness!

For more information, call 715-955-4319, visit their website at or at RelyLocal

Better yet, stop in and check out the facility.  Momentum Sport Fitness is located at 2615 London Road in Eau Claire.

Dream Vacations, LLC

Are you dreaming of a “dream vacation“?  Do you dread the thought of spending 17 hours online searching all the major travel sites to find the perfect trip at the least expensive price?  Do you hate it when you find a “good deal” and you try to book it and the price is no longer available?

Dream Vacations to the Rescue!

Stephanie Homann has been the owner of Dream Vacations, LLC since January, 2007.   In 2006, she wanted to have the flexibility to set her own hours and be available to her family.  She took her passion for planning, organizing, and traveling and started her own agency!

Dream Vacations is a full service travel agency with a focus on leisure travel, but she does have a few corporate accounts.  Stephanie saves her clients money, time,  and the hassle of researching travel by using her experience and knowledge to plan and book great vacations, business trips and miscellaneous travel.

The Travel Agency that Comes to Your Door

Stephanie will go to her client’s homes, offices, or out for coffee to help them plan their vacation in the most stress free way.  She is available 24/7 to help with issues during travel and provides many extras like personalized travel documents in a wallet with luggage tags and much more!

Stephanie’s three keys to success:

1.     Treat her customers the way she would like to be treated.
2.    Be honest with all of her clients.
3.    Follow through with my all her commitments and business obligations.

You may contact Stephanie Homann via:

Phone:  715-568-5927

Dream Vacations specializes in “Making Your Vacation Dreams Come True”!

Article written by Shelly Cedarblade.  You can reach Shelly at 715-577-8745 or if you would like your business featured in the RelyLocal Word-of-Mouse Blog.

RelyLocal Community Campaign Revealed

By Craig Campana
This blog entry introduces a feature I will present over the next few days to reveal information about a RelyLocal Community Campaign we are working on. A Community Campaign is something RelyLocal does which matches a locally owned business with a charitable organization or non-profit agency.

About a month ago, I learned of an organization called “Kids Come First.” I took the opportunity to  interview the two individuals who have spearheaded the creation of this charitable organization – (Andrew Calkins and Jennifer Dahl.)  In an effort to collect used clothing for families in need (especially children’s clothing and outerwear), Andrew and Jennifer placed their request on Eau Claire Freecycle  (Eau Claire Freecycle is a Yahoo Forum) indicating they were available to pick up used clothing that people had to donate in which could benefit other families.

Andrew and Jennifer’s request on Freecycle created an influx of people who were in the giving spirit, and they found themselves running around at various times during the day to pick up clothing and other items  being given away by those on FreeCycle. When I met Andrew, I suggested pairing their effort up with locally owned businesses who could serve as Drop Off donation points to collect the donations.

Over the next few days I would like to feature more information on “Kids Come First” as an organization as well as the local businesses who have agreed to help by becoming a drop off points for donations.

Today, I would like to feature Pam Kelly, owner of Pam’s Quick Wash & Dry Cleaning in Chippewa Falls. We pick up the story from Jennifer Dahl who administrates “Kids Come First.”

According to Jennifer…
“I ended up meeting Pam through a process where I had an envision of starting up a Children’s Charity to supply winter apparel to kids who are not fortunate enough to have the items they so desperately need in our Wisconsin weather.  When Craig Campana of RelyLocal learned of my Charity, ‘Kids Come First,’ he generously got involved and helped to spread the word, FAST!!  Donations began to pour in for the Charity and we were unable to keep up with washing and drying all of the donations in our home washer and dryer.  My boyfriend, Andrew Calkins, spoke with Pam at her local Quick Wash about donating the wash and dry time we needed to wash and dry all of the items we were receiving.  Pam didn’t even hesitate!  We’ve utilized her services several times over the past couple of months and every time we enter her facility, she hands us a big cup full of quarters to start with and empties quarters out of machines to supply us with more if we run out.  She’s always cheerful, upbeat and more than willing to go the extra mile to help us out.

Pam has also stepped up by allowing us to utilize her facility as a drop off point for donations.  We cannot thank Pam enough for her generosity and what she is contributing to the community.

If you have used clothing to drop off in the Chippewa Falls area, please stop at Pam’s Quick Wash & Dry Cleaning located at 17 W. Willow St.  and drop the items in the donation box.  Pam’s business is open 24 hours with Wi-Fi availability.  Attended hours are from 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday – Friday.  She offers free coffee during attended hours and has a “10th Wash Free” program.  I encourage you to stop in and utilize her service as she’s such a wonderful person/local business owner with great services to offer.  Feel free to call Pam  with any questions regarding her company at: (715) 723-0582.”

13 Hot Tips for Effective PR

By Craig Campana

The value of Public Relations or PR is tremendous with regard to gaining recognition and visibility in the community. RelyLocal serves as a community advocate for our clients by generating Word-of-Mouse marketing through PR. Our clients signal to us when these activities occur in their business and we respond by generating press releases that are circulated in the local media to gain recognition for our client’s business.

Following are 13 reasons companies should consider engaging with the media. How many of these apply to your business? Let RelyLocal help your company gain the recognition it deserves through PR.

Reasons for generating press releases making the following announcements:
 Changes made in your company’s physical location or company expansion
 Opening of a new division, or announcing the release of a new product or service
 Promoting the opening of a new website
 New newsletters or blogs being developed
 Adding of new staff members, or announcing recent promotions of existing staff members.
(Adding a photo of a new staff member and noting their previous employer can connect your company to your new staff member’s former clients, colleagues or co-workers.)
 Continuing Education workshops attended or Re-certification of company staff members
 Tradeshows you have attended, or are exhibiting in
 Presentations or workshops you are offering
 Significant Anniversaries, Special Events, Open Houses, or Client Appreciation Days
your company is featuring or inviting people to
 Awards and honors your company has received
 Affiliations or membership organizations your company has joined
 Announcements of significant contracts acquired
 Noting trends affecting your industry that may be worthy of a full scale article

Do you know of locally owned companies that need assistance in generating effective
PR for their company?

A good referral we are seeking is a locally-owned company that has one or more of these reasons for creating press releases. RelyLocal – Chippewa Valley would like to put a plan in action for them to get the recognition they deserve in the media.

What is Word-of-Mouse?

By Craig Campana

I have received inquiries from individuals who like the concept, but trying to understand the concept of word-of-mouse. Numerous individuals thought I had mis-spelled the word “mouse” for the word “mouth.” Then I would explain the concept that defines word-of-mouse. The term was coined many years ago, and just recently hit the mainstream as a way to attain considerable traction among social mediums.

In this excerpt from the term is better explained:

“Word of mouse is an electronic version of the time-tested idea of word of mouth. Numerous advertisers have jumped on the word of mouse bandwagon, using a variety of innovative techniques to get their message out to consumers, and businesses all over the world rely on word of mouse to promote good reputations. As electronic media grew in importance in the late 1990s, word of mouse became a new holy grail of marketing, with a host of books, articles, and commentaries on getting good word of mouse.

In the rise of the electronic era, the concept of word of mouth began to be translated into a new medium, and the idea of “word of mouse” started to arise. Thanks to the instantaneous nature of electronic communications, word of mouse can spread very rapidly, and numerous forums have enabled the transmission of ideas in an increasing number of ways. Word of mouse can be passed along from person to person in the form of electronic mail, but it can also manifest in a number of other locations.

Word of mouse can be built up on review sites, which allow users to post reviews and commentary on businesses, and it can also be generated on forums, chatrooms, and social networking sites. Social networking sites are regarded by many advertisers as a very fruitful arena for generating word of mouse, with many advertisers creating profiles on such sites and engaging with the community to build up word of mouse.”

So, including this excerpt, I am hoping my readers will better understand the concept of word-of-mouse as I share my interviews with local business owners using word-of-mouse, that can be shared with others electronically.

A Community to be Proud Of!

By Craig Campana

Entry Date: August 14, 2010

This Saturday was an amazing day of fun community events. We had multiple things to do (PureWater Days in Chippewa Falls, SummerFest and Chalkfest in Eau Claire, Strongman Competition and Chippewa Valley Chase both in Eau Claire.)

Of course my son and I started our Saturday is the usual fashion – heading to Farmer’s Market, both to pick up fresh, locally grown vegetables, and also to connect with the friends that we meet at the market.

Knowing my son would not have the energy to handle all the activities, he stayed home while I took in Summerfest and Chalk Fest.

What a sense of satisfaction and pride I had as I saw the throngs of people who turned out for both events. We live in an area of great beauty, as well as an abundance of activities and events for all. I am very proud of all we have to offer here in the Chippewa Valley, and thoroughly enjoy being in a capacity to promote it and its local business longevity.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos I took at the events that I attended.


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