What is Word-of-Mouse?

By Craig Campana craigcampana@relylocal.com

I have received inquiries from individuals who like the concept, but trying to understand the concept of word-of-mouse. Numerous individuals thought I had mis-spelled the word “mouse” for the word “mouth.” Then I would explain the concept that defines word-of-mouse. The term was coined many years ago, and just recently hit the mainstream as a way to attain considerable traction among social mediums.

In this excerpt from www.wisegeek.com the term is better explained:

“Word of mouse is an electronic version of the time-tested idea of word of mouth. Numerous advertisers have jumped on the word of mouse bandwagon, using a variety of innovative techniques to get their message out to consumers, and businesses all over the world rely on word of mouse to promote good reputations. As electronic media grew in importance in the late 1990s, word of mouse became a new holy grail of marketing, with a host of books, articles, and commentaries on getting good word of mouse.

In the rise of the electronic era, the concept of word of mouth began to be translated into a new medium, and the idea of “word of mouse” started to arise. Thanks to the instantaneous nature of electronic communications, word of mouse can spread very rapidly, and numerous forums have enabled the transmission of ideas in an increasing number of ways. Word of mouse can be passed along from person to person in the form of electronic mail, but it can also manifest in a number of other locations.

Word of mouse can be built up on review sites, which allow users to post reviews and commentary on businesses, and it can also be generated on forums, chatrooms, and social networking sites. Social networking sites are regarded by many advertisers as a very fruitful arena for generating word of mouse, with many advertisers creating profiles on such sites and engaging with the community to build up word of mouse.”

So, including this excerpt, I am hoping my readers will better understand the concept of word-of-mouse as I share my interviews with local business owners using word-of-mouse, that can be shared with others electronically.


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