Technology – Can’t Live With It – Cannot Live Without It

By Craig Campana

Entry Date: August 14, 2010

I’m glad that for the most part we survived the hot days of summer last week, however my computer didn’t fare very well with the storms that came through the area Wednesday and Thursday. When I was all set to publish my blog entries for August 14, I found that the settings on my computer were all messed up. Unable to post to the original blog site, I created a new blog site with a better title (which several have commented on.)

After taking it easy on Saturday, August 14 with the many community events going on, I am trying to catch up on my blog. I am a bit behind now, but will reveal more business features over the next few days.

I am also continuing in my blog interviews this week to bring you information on some unique businesses that rely on local business.

As you read my entries, feel free to comment as you see fit. The feedback is appreciated. If you see my Silver minivan on the street with the RelyLocal logos on it, be sure to wave, and be sure to visit my website to see what new members are participating to generate business locally.


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